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Monday, August 11, 2014

Last post by Sally - Loteria 5k

Folks, this will be my last Brak Pak regular post.  While this little blog doesn't seem like much work, it does take time weekly to find, copy, semi-legally copy/steal, curate, and post pics from the MANY events of which Brak Pak is a part.  I check internet and Facebook sites, copy personal pictures, and receive links and photos by IM, FB, and text.  And I really just have too much on my plate right now to continue doing that every week.

In that regard, I am going to make you do it instead!  I'll work on migrating the brakpak.blogspot blog over to a generic email/password - if you would like to contribute your photos or links (not required - you'll just have access), email me at srseeker@msn.com, and I will pass on that information, so that you can also post blog entries.  (It will not be totally open for posting - you will need to log on with the information I give you - we don't want weirdos other than us posting.)  So, email me if you think you would like access to post to the blog - the more, the merrier.

And - here we go - Loteria 5k at the University of the Incarnate Word August 10, 2014.  Thanks to Scottydog, Ceci, and the Gutierrezeses for the pics.

Somos soldados.  Except Adrian - he's just (a) dandy...

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